XX Revolution Luxx palette in nude or pastel colors

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Colorful, multi-finish and with warm and cool undertones: the new XX Revolution Luxx eye palettes arrive to satisfy everyone’s mood and taste!


If there’s one brand that keeps giving us exciting news, it’s beauty brand XX Revolution! The two Luxx palettes in nude or pastel colors confirm it! Do you want refined eye makeup in nude and warm tones? There is the palette Luxx bitter peach. Looking for 2000s makeup inspiration? Here is the pastel version of the eyeshadow palette Mint Master Luxx. Both equipped with 18 pods by colors multifinish matte and shimmer have different inspirations. We reproduce the wide world of peach tones, with warm shades of brown, orange or neutral. The other refers to cooler tones and teenager like greens, purples or blues. Without giving up a complementary contrast in golden tones. With cruelty-free, vegan formulations, they both promise the same envious pigmentation. Let’s discover in detail the two new palettes of the Luxx XX Revolution line!

Luxx Revolution XX Palette
XX Revolution Luxx palette – photo: @xxrevolution


The Bitter Peach Luxx eye palette is equipped with a holographic pack in shades of peach pink, monogram print with XX logo that incorporates the brand name and a large mirror to help us apply eye makeup. And if the mirror wasn’t enough, here is a guide with tips for applying eye makeup!

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Palette XX Nude color revolution

The 18 shades of color, including 9 matte finish And 9 with a shimmer finish, have shades ranging from pink to orange to brown. Here they are listed in detail, from the first at the top left to the last at the bottom right:

  • 1copper-colored shimmer;
  • 2peach-colored carpet;
  • 3champagne-colored shimmer;
  • 4caramel-colored carpet;
  • 5copper-colored shimmer;
  • 6butter-colored carpet;
  • 7butter-colored shimmer;
  • 8hazelnut-colored shimmer;
  • 9intense matte orange;
  • tenwarm golden shimmer;
  • 11matte medium peachy pink;
  • 12matte dark mauve;
  • 13golden yellow shimmer;
  • 14matte medium brown;
  • 15light peach pink shimmer;
  • 16matte rust orange;
  • 17medium pink shimmer;
  • 18medium brown shimmer.

XX Revolution palette peach tones


Mint Master Luxx is instead equipped with a holographic pack in cool shades of green and blue, to catapult us into a higher fat and futuristic. The 18 multi-finish colored pods, including 12 flicker And 6 matsthey are ideal for creating elegant green make-up for dark eyes or golden and purple make-up for dark eyes.

XX Palette Pastel Color Revolution

But the possibilities don’t stop there, with an abundance of shades to discover and amp up with eye primer. We find again a large mirror to use when applying eye shadow, listed below from top to bottom:

  • 1matte very light mint green;
  • 2very pale salmon colored carpet;
  • 3lilac with a cool matte shade;
  • 4hazelnut-colored shimmer;
  • 5pearly white shimmer;
  • 6apple green shimmer;
  • 7medium purple shimmer;
  • 8matte teal;
  • 9yellow ocher shimmer;
  • tenpurple eggplant shimmer;
  • 11neutral pink shimmer;
  • 12shimmer of wisteria color;
  • 13ice gray carpet;
  • 14purple dull shimmer;
  • 15peach-pink shimmer;
  • 16shimmering teal;
  • 17gold shimmer;
  • 18matte biscuit color.
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XX Revolution Pastel Eyeshadow Palette


The new XX Revolution Luxx eyeshadow palettes are available on this page of the official Revolution Beauty website.

Do you like the idea of ​​wearing pastel eye makeup? Or do you prefer a refined make-up in nude tones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Revolution Beauty never leaves us short of novelties!

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