Zara suits 2022: complete catalog of swimwear

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Trendy novelty between asymmetrical lines and design with cut, the Zara 2022 suit collection presents us with many original models in bright and cheerful colors. But among the novelties, there is no shortage of bikinis with panties Tall and the most colorful pareo skirts!


Let’s discover the Zara 2022 swimwear line with photos, prices and ours tips to choose the perfect model.

Suit with straight neckline (price 32.95€)
Openwork bikini top (€19.95) and cross-strap briefs (€17.95)
Draped costume (€32.95)
Printed sarong skirt (cost €29.95)
Disguise cut out (€32.95)


Imaginative novelties rich in detail characterize the Zara summer 2022 swimwear line. The novelties indeed feature elegant black and white and colorful patterns. floral patterns, with low waist briefs to be more sexy. The models are equipped with removable cups and underwires for a generous bust that needs support, but here is also the triangle bikini top without underwiring or practical and comfortable shells, like the Pull & Bear swimwear collection. Wide and rich the selection of high-waisted suits ideal for those with wide hips and with a high compression band on the abdomen. They range from Zara bikinis in black or fuchsia with maxi flower on the front of the asymmetric or V-neck bikini top with fixed cup. Without forgetting the sexiest models with cutouts and high-waisted briefs with straps that wrap around the chest!

Printed bikini top (€19.95) and printed panties (€17.95)
Printed bikini top (cost €19.95) and printed briefs (cost €17.95)
Structured bikini top (€19.95) and high waist panties with structure (€17.95)
Openwork bikini top (€19.95) and cross-strap briefs (€17.95)
Asymmetrical bikini top (cost €19.95) and high waist panty (price €17.95)
Maxi flower bikini top (€22.95) and high waist panties (€17.95)
Maxi flower bikini top (€22.95) and high waist panties (€17.95)

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Do you want to be sexy even on the beach? Zara’s summer 2022 swimwear collection kicks off the one-piece swimwear trend with cut, fashion and super feminine! Among the novelties of Zara beachwear to also wear as a bodysuit with shorts and to combine with Zara beach bags for an irresistible summer look! We find them with a black V-neck while if we like the brightest colors, make way for green models or in shades of purple and fuchsia-magenta, among the most beautiful spring summer fashion colors to sublimate the light and feminine complexions of the winter season. But there are also the more classic Zara one-piece swimsuits, with thin straps and lacing in the back and with a halter or halter neckline, among the star models for an apple-shaped body and to support large breasts.

Suit with back lacing (price €32.95)
Swimsuit with lacing on the back (€32.95)
Fishnet swimsuit (€32.95)
Suit with straight neckline (cost € 32.95)
Halter suit with structure (€32.95)
Disguise cut out (€32.95)
Disguise cut out (price €32.95)
Curly suit (€32.95)
Asymmetrical cutout costume (€32.95)


Among the coolest novelties of the Zara 2022 suit line are the one-shoulder swimsuits perfect for a rectangular body or for those with broad shoulders, also at the heart of the Desigual suit collection. The low cost brand combines them with cut out details to make them even more intriguing or with elegant draped panels. Want to show off a perfect tan? Let us then be conquered by the set of bandeau models recommended for narrow pear-shaped women above. They range from basic swimsuit in black strapless strapless to more chic proposals with a decorative maxi flower on the front. While for an hourglass body with a slim waist, the top is the combined model with openings on the hips. Blue or olive green, white, fuchsia and black, there is something for everyone. But also take a look at the Zara shoe collection!

Cut-out asymmetrical disguise (cost €32.95)
Asymmetrical cutout costume (€32.95)
Asymmetrical swimsuit (€32.95)
American neck suit (price € 32.95)
Curly suit (€32.95)
Asymmetrical suit with flower (€32.95)
Costume with maxi flower (cost € 32.95)
Strapless suit (€32.95)
Combined suit (€32.95)


The Zara beachwear catalog offers you various fashion items to put in your suitcase for the holidays! Among the items not to be missed from the Zara women’s collection for the beach, there are in fact the sarong skirts, with printed everywhere to tie at the waist and to combine with all Zara 2022 swimwear models. Tired of the usual beach sarongs? To stay cool on the hottest days and show off your legs, the brand presents its Zara beach dresses linen. They are midi dresses with V-neck and half-length sleeves with a soft line with slits at the bottom in turquoise or sand color. But don’t miss out on all the swimwear items from the Stradivarius swimwear collection!

Printed sarong skirt (price €29.95)
Printed sarong skirt (€29.95)
Printed sarong skirt (€29.95)
Printed sarong skirt (cost €29.95)
Linen tunic dress (€45.95)
Linen tunic dress (€45.95)


The Zara 2022 collection of beachwear and accessories is available in the brand’s online store and in the Spanish brand’s stores throughout Italy. By choosing to buy on the site, the products will arrive comfortably at your home or at the Zara store nearest to you.

Do you like the new Zara summer 2022 costume collection? From bikinis to one-piece cutout and one-shoulder swimsuits, tell us in the comments what your favorite styles are!

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